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Wedding Signage for a friend!


- Pinted poster : A2 size (Tak fit untuk that frame but boleh placed it center - jimat! Kalau nak fit, ikut je picture size for the frame like mine.Easy peasyy!)
- Easel : Simple diy from my little brother. (Dah kotor pun easel ni. Haha)

My first attempt - diy for a friend's wedding. Memang sangat simple je, aku tolong design and tolong hantar print kat kedai. And the rest of the props were mine - from my previous wedding stuff.
Alhamdulillah dapat menolong sedikit sebanyak.

Hope Babai suka.
And congrats on your wedding. Best wishes for a happy life together! :)

*Pengantin lama tumpang mencelah. Besaq betul kami ni macam gergasi. Hahaha.

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